Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Posts From Our Hosts: McKenzie's Winter ONE-der Land

Will winter ever end? With parties as cute as McKenzie's Winter ONE-derland, we hope not!  
HH Design House was inspired by the cold winter weather and our love of Christmas Music to create invitations and party goods for this first birthday party.

Thanks to our host, Jennifer Welker, for sharing!

HH Design House also created a canvas that was hung from the door of McKenzie's hospital door the day she was born.

WE LOVE that Jenn's Christmas card was placed next to McKenzie's birthday invitation!  HH everywhere! :)

Cakeballs by T&T Bake Shoppe

Invitations, stationery, party wares, and signage by www.hhdesignhouse.com.  
To inquire, please contact info@hhdesignhouse.com.