Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Happy Hump Day: Back to School

Happy Hump Day and happy back to school week for many people!

That's right, summer has flown by and there are many in some form of back to school mode this week...parents of school age kiddos, teachers, other school administration etc. Where did our summer go???

As I mulled over the blog post topic for today, I was reminded of a conversation that took place between my husband and I just this past Sunday.

We had run a quick errand and passed a group of young boys playing basketball in our neighborhood...various bikes and scooters lay in a haphazard pile where their owners eagerly let them drop as they hopped off in anticipation of shooting some hoops. On our way back home a short time later, there were no boys or a single bike in sight. Sheldon (my husband) wondered out loud why they had all gone home when it was still fairly early in the evening. Knowing school started the following Monday for a lot of districts I replied "They probably had to go home to get ready for the first day of school."


Sheldon: "I really hated this Sunday night growing up".

LG: "Really?? I loved the first day of school!!!"

That's the truth. I loved, loved, loved the first day of school...more accurately I suppose, preparing for the first day. New Clothes. New Supplies...notebooks, paper, pencils, pens, markers, map pencils, and more! Finding out what your new teacher was like, who was in the same class, who had your same lunch period...these were all things I looked forward to. I still love to wander up and down the aisles when stores put out their back to school merchandise. Which brings me to this question, HH and I LOVED back to school, did you?

In true HH Design House fashion we have much available for this occasion:
Stampers & Labels

Enclosure Cards

Water proof labels for sippy cups

Family stationery for notes to the teacher

Teacher notepads for notes to the parent

Cute napkins to spice up your kiddos lunchbox

Scroll down to enjoy our "back to school supplies"!

Also, with school back in session, don't forget about your child's fall birthday party! HH Design House is here to help with those party invites too!
So, get out your "to-do" list you neglected all summer and send us your projects...consider it your first Homework Assignment of the Year!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Hump Day: It's a Happy Hump Day Birthday!

Happy Hump Day Friends, and a VERY Happy Birthday to Alyson!

Alyson is one of HH's BFFs and a frequent customer of HH Design House.

As you can see below she leaves quite a paper trail! We started with her wedding invitation and have since done Baby Shower invites, Birth Announcements, Birthday Parties, Christmas Cards, Going Away Party invites, and invitations for various parties Alyson has given! As a former wedding planner, Alyson's parties are FAB...her attention to detail is extraordinary!

Alyson's Wedding Invitation...the FIRST one HH designed in hand calligraphy!

Alyson's Baby Shower Invitations...yellow because they didn't find out with their first! I have total respect for people with that much will power. I'm pretty sure I speak for HH and myself when I say "I will go crazy waiting the few months it takes to find out boy/girl during pregnancy, much less wait nine months!" That's self restraint here...

We have done the birth announcements for both of her precious daughters. They are expecting another little girl soon! We can't wait!!

Every year this party planning diva comes up with such FUN themes for parties! We can't wait to hear what's next!!

We have done her Christmas Cards for the past four cute are these kiddos??!!

Alyson came up with this one two years ago, and after using it in a promotional email last year, it was the big seller in '08! Such a trend-setter, that Alyson!

A party lover herself, Alyson has hosted many parties and we have loved being able to create exciting invitations for the occasions!

So long, farewell...when Alyson and her family moved to Denver we designed the "Going Away Party" invitation with a "Sex in the City" theme in conjunction with the Movie Release.

Happy Birthday Alyson...hope you have a WONDERFUL day! Thanks for letting us celebrate your life with you!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Happy Hump Day: Ready for the Weekend

Happy, Happy Hump Day!

Is it just me, or has this week felt reeaally long? I have been ready to cross this hump all week long! Maybe we're just ready for the weekend...

"What's that you say, what do we have up our sleeve for the weekend?"

Well, since you asked, HH and I will be participating in The Boutique Bridal Show of Galveston Island at the Hotel Galvez this weekend. Come by and visit...check out the website...

Perhaps this will seem a little "out of order" since we did just do a baby shower post. However, in honor of the upcoming Bridal Show, we are featuring past wedding invitations, save the dates, programs, party & shower invitations, paper products, and everything else wedding related. So scroll on down and get sample what we'll have to offer if you browse past our booth this weekend!

Need to get out this weekend? Join us at The Boutique Bridal Show of Galveston Island!! Already married? Come by anyway...There will be tons of vendors and so much to see!


Sunday, August 16th


Hotel Galvez, Galveston Island

See you then!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Happy Hump Day: Showered With Love

Happy Hump Day Friends!

HH Design House has recently had the opportunity to jump on the seemingly baby boom bandwagon (between the two of us alone we have 7 pregnant friends!) designing baby shower invitations. Which is so fun for us because we also get to "ooh & awe" over all different kinds of bedding, nursery decor etc. After all, who doesn't love sharing in baby excitement??

Scroll down to check out several of our most recent shower invitations inviting guests to shower these mommies-to-be with LOVE!

Earlier this summer HH went to Dallas Market. She whipped up some new versions of an old favorite for our imprintable for each - boy, girl, and those that wait to be surprised!

Special Delivery! How's that for sharing a bundle of joy!!

Check out these options for a stylish shower pink and blue of course!

Look what the tide washed in...this little guy will be welcomed into the world in style! This preppy invitation was just the beggining! We also created matching thank you notes and the shower hostesses had a wall plaque and cookies made to match the general theme of the nursery. HH and I attended the shower and can attest, Baby Davis' mommy received lots of love and gifts for her impending arrival at this shower recently held at the Sugar Bean in Evia on Galveston Island.

YUM, YUM - these adorable cookies were made by the amazingly talented Stephanie Conti, to complement the above invitation! Local Readers....Stephanie makes AMAZING Cookies, and Cakes, too! Contact her at sconti6655{at} or 409.744.3868!

Oh baby, baby...quite literally actually, as this future mommy is expecting boy/girl TWINS!

Lots of Love to all our Mommies or Mommies-to-be and their precious babies!!! Leave us a comment and let us know which is your favorite, or give us a new idea of a theme or design you'd like to see!

Monday, August 3, 2009

I just can't quit you, Pottery Barn.

Ever since having our Registry at Pottery Barn in the Spring of 2007, I get their emails all the time! You have to hand it to their e-marketers...they are relentless!

For a while, I thought I already had everything I needed from there and would delete the emails as they came in, but today's caught my eye!

You can now go to Pottery Barn and they will help you plan your party...PB style! I loved browsing for a while, looking at suggested decor, menus, entertainment, etc....though I DO have to say their downloadable invitations are no substitue for HH creations!

Check out the link here and Happy Planning!