Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Happy Wednesday: Hayden's Baby Shower

Happy Wednesday!!!  We are so excited about our blog post!  A little over a year ago, Hayden Grace Hardcastle came in to our lives and changed our world forever!  Meghan, one of Hayley's best friends, and her mother threw a shower for Hayley and baby Hayden last year.  HH Design House helped Meghan and her mom host such a beautiful event!

It was so sweet of Meghan to host the shower at her home in Bellaire, Texas! She hung wooden carved Hayden monograms on her front door. 

"H"s where EVERYWHERE to honor Hayden and Hayley!

Framed custom signage was placed throughout the party for decoration.  They matched invitations by HH Design House.

Little girls are made of sugar and spice and everything nice!  Our Hayden is no exception!  HH Design House created these special custom napkins for the event.

Matching water bottle labels by HH Design House for thirsty guests.

Yummy treats were topped with HH Design House cupcake toppers.  The food was to die for!

Menu cards by HH Design House were placed in front of the delicious spread!

Party favors were delicious cupcakes as sweet as Hayden Grace!  The jar tops were created by HH Design House.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Wednesday: My Best Friend's Baby

It is a Happy Wednesday indeed!  After a long 9+ months, Malley Grace is finally here!  Hayley's best friend, Meghan and Meghan's husband, Ken, are so happy to welcome their happy, healthy baby girl into the world.  To celebrate this joyous day, we decided to not wright a Wedding Wednesday blog this week.  Instead, we are writing about Malley Grace's baby shower!

Val, Peggy, Hilary, and Kathryn were to happy to help Hayley host Meghan's baby shower. Peggy decorated her Houston condo in green, yellow, orange, pink, and blue for the occasion. With the help of HH Design House, this baby shower was unlike any other!

The invitations created in the style and colors of Malley Grace's nursery.  Meghan loves bright and fun colors.  We wanted to match her style perfectly! 

The decorations were so fun!  Hayley and Co. wrapped packages in cute paper and placed yummy candied popcorn around the living room for guests to much on.

Hayley created a pennant banner with fabric, canvas, and glitter letters that spelled out M-A-L-L-E-Y.  The banner hung above the fireplace.  Peggy tied baby bottle washers to the deer's antlers.  He didn't seem to mind!

Hayley created hand written menu cards for all of the delicious food at the shower. Each card was named after a person or place that will be significant in Malley Grace's life.

Maggie is Malley's grandma.

Ken is Malley's Dad

Ken and Meghan have a home on Tiki Island, Texas where Malley will spend many summer days playing, fishing, and swimming!

Meghan and Ken live in Bellaire.

HH Design House made water bottle labels that matched Malley's invitations.  

Guests drank mimosas out of green paper straws purchased at The Kitchen Chick in Galveston.  Meghan sipped on a special "Mom-osa". :)

Durning the shower, guests could fill out "Mal-Libs" introducing themselves to baby Malley Grace.  Guests also signed a special guest book purchased at HH Design House.

Our favorite little girl was in attendance, Hayden Grace Hardcastle.  She was so happy to be there!  She cannot wait to meet her new friend Malley Grace!!!

HH Design House is so exited for Meghan and Ken!  Congratulations!!! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wedding Wednesday: Garen and Barrett

This is a wedding near and dear to our hearts!  Garen Glasscock Brown is one of Hayley’s best friends.  We had the honor of helping Garen create her dream wedding this past fall.  We were so excited to hear that Garen and Barrett were finally engaged, and we’d be getting to work with the Glasscock family once again!

Garen wanted to have a classic wedding with neutral metallic.  HH Design House created a beautiful white invitation with black calligraphy accents and matching RSVP set.  Each invitation had a black shimmer backing fused to the back for extra weight and pizzazz.  Metallic Vellum was placed on top of the invitation and secured with a champagne foil-stamped bellyband.  Garen and Barrett’s names were written on the bellyband with a flourished B representing “Brown”.  The invitations were mailed in a white cotton envelope with champagne liner, and were hand-calligraphied by Hayley.  On the back flap, the return address was printed in black letterpress.  “HH Design House custom designed 400 invitations down to the smallest detail to compliment the feel of our dream wedding,” says Garen.

Garen and Barrett decided to have their ceremony in Midland, Texas where Garen grew up. They were married at the Golf Course Road Church of Christ which  “played a huge role in my life and in the formation of my faith. This is the church I grew up in, was baptized in and introduced Barrett to after he moved to Midland. It was the most idyllic place for Barrett and me to pledge our commitment to one another and also to God.”

Barrett’s favorite moment of the whole day was watching Garen walk down the aisle.  “I will never forget how breathtaking you were in that dress,” shared Barrett.  “We shared the same feeling, I never took my eyes off him. What a moment!” exclaimed Garen.

On September 22, 2012, guests traveled to Midland, Texas to celebrate the union of Garen and Barrett.  During the ceremony guests held programs created by HH Design House.  The programs featured Hayley’s calligraphy and a logo with the couple’s names and a flourished “B”. 

Garen made sure every detail was elegant and beautiful.  “The front of the church was creatively transformed by a 30 foot by 25 foot curtain of beautiful white satin.  The elegant fabric provided a whimsical and romantic mood to the church auditorium. This was the perfect setting for the wedding ceremony.”

Garen had a wedding party full of friends and family, including our own Hayley!  “We had 12 bridesmaids and 12 groomsmen in our wedding party. My identical twin sisters were my two matrons of honor and Barrett's brother Michael was his best man. The wedding party included family, friends from high school, roommates from college and even teammates from Merck, where we work. We were so blessed to have such amazing friends and family standing beside us!”  The couple also chose to honor those that could not be there.  “We chose to honor our grandparents who have passed away by playing "The Prayer" by Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion prior to the wedding. This was a time of sweet reflection which set the tone for the evening.”

After the ceremony, the wedding party and guests moved to Green Tree Country Club to celebrate! Green Tree Country Club has been a part of my life since I was a baby. “We have celebrated many birthdays and special occasions there.  My twin sisters had their joint Wedding reception at this same country club.   I have always pictured myself having a reception there and dancing the first dance with my husband. This location meant so much to both of us, we knew it was our spot!”

The couple danced their first dance as husband and wife to “At Last” by Etta James.  “This was very fitting for us because we dated for several years and had a long journey together. It is our special song because it was now "our time"!”

“The reception was by far the icing on the cake! The decorating was special and unique because it was done entirely by my dad and was a total surprise! He handpicked 10 huge gold and crystal chandeliers that hung in the ballroom and throughout the country club. There were tall birdcages with love doves and detailed ice sculptures that greeted the guests as they entered the ballroom. Tables were set with gold chargers, cream satin tablecloths and accented with gold Chiavari chairs. We were seated at the bride and groom table on a white leather banquette decorated with Mr. and Mrs. pillows.  Guests enjoyed the covered patio lined with white flowing curtains and a 15-foot white leather couch. Every one of our wedding dreams came true!”

The Garen and Barrett logo was used throughout the reception. “We used Hayley's original Garen & Barrett monogram for everything including napkins, pens, wayfarer sunglasses and rally towels for all of our guests!”

The reception was a BLAST!  Garen recalls one of her favorite parts of the day, “The moment that continues to play in my mind took place during the last song before the wedding was over. The band starts to play Journey's "Don't Stop Believin’" and all of a sudden gold and silver confetti starts falling all over the dance floor. Barrett and I never stopped dancing! It was our moment to "take it all in!" I started crying overwhelmed by the excitement of it all! The best part is I look around to see my dad and brother-in-laws holding the huge confetti canon! All the guests, including us, were in awe at the magical feeling on the dance floor, what a celebration! This is the moment we will never forget, dancing under the confetti with all of our FAVORITE people in the world.”

We were so happy we could help create this day for Garen and Barrett!  Hayley loved being there with her best friend and put a lot of love into helping Garen’s dream become a reality.  Garen says, “The wedding experience would not be the same without HH Design House; Hayley made our vision come to life! Her hard work and attention to detail enhanced this special time in our lives and we will never forget everything she did!”

A special thank you to Garen and Barrett for helping me write this blog!  Y'all are wonderful!!!