Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy Hump Day: Today Show Goes Coastal!

What a great day for Galveston! Talk about a happy hump day for these folks!!

Our fellow Galveston County Junior Leaguer, Erin Toberman, started an organization after Hurricane Ike called Help4Galveston. ( Below is an excerpt from their site.

"Help4Galveston is collective group of local, regional, state and national government, agencies, organizations, communities and individuals working together to help Galveston, TX repair, restore and rebuild. This site offers a single, unified destination for local, regional and national individuals and organizations to get information, volunteer, donate and obtain assistance regarding the repairing, restoring and rebuilding of Galveston County homes, communities, businesses, organizations and churches. Please help Galveston County repair, restore and rebuild!"

On the Today Show this morning, Al Roker's "Lend a Hand" program donated over half a million dollars to the Help4Galveston organization to aid in the continuation of their good deeds. If you missed the Today Show this morning, here's a clip!

Way to go Erin and Help4Galveston!

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