Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Happy Hump Day: It's a Happy Hump Day Birthday!

Happy Hump Day Friends, and a VERY Happy Birthday to Alyson!

Alyson is one of HH's BFFs and a frequent customer of HH Design House.

As you can see below she leaves quite a paper trail! We started with her wedding invitation and have since done Baby Shower invites, Birth Announcements, Birthday Parties, Christmas Cards, Going Away Party invites, and invitations for various parties Alyson has given! As a former wedding planner, Alyson's parties are FAB...her attention to detail is extraordinary!

Alyson's Wedding Invitation...the FIRST one HH designed in hand calligraphy!

Alyson's Baby Shower Invitations...yellow because they didn't find out with their first! I have total respect for people with that much will power. I'm pretty sure I speak for HH and myself when I say "I will go crazy waiting the few months it takes to find out boy/girl during pregnancy, much less wait nine months!" That's self restraint here...

We have done the birth announcements for both of her precious daughters. They are expecting another little girl soon! We can't wait!!

Every year this party planning diva comes up with such FUN themes for parties! We can't wait to hear what's next!!

We have done her Christmas Cards for the past four cute are these kiddos??!!

Alyson came up with this one two years ago, and after using it in a promotional email last year, it was the big seller in '08! Such a trend-setter, that Alyson!

A party lover herself, Alyson has hosted many parties and we have loved being able to create exciting invitations for the occasions!

So long, farewell...when Alyson and her family moved to Denver we designed the "Going Away Party" invitation with a "Sex in the City" theme in conjunction with the Movie Release.

Happy Birthday Alyson...hope you have a WONDERFUL day! Thanks for letting us celebrate your life with you!


  1. Your work is soooo beautiful! I can't say it enough .... and might have to use you for my Christmas cards :)

  2. That's awesome that you have a pic of all her invites she has done with you!SO Cute