Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Wednesday Weekly Wedding: Betsy and Parker

Hey Blog World! Happy Wedding Wednesday! It's your "guest blogger" Hayley, as Paige is traveling back to see her Arkansas Friends for a long weekend! Today, I am so excited to get to showcase some of an amazing photographer's work -- seriously you will all want to rush over to her website and check it out...I have been admiring it for years, and am thrilled when clients have sent me images from Skylar to use for their Holiday Cards, etc! They are always so unique and interesting. She has also pioneered this awesome concept of "Fame Parties" in homes across the coutnry where she captures magical moments in mere minutes against a white sheet. I was so excited to see that she shot the Wedding of one of our clients this past April!

Betsy got married in beautiful Austin and is the sister of wonderful client of ours, whose wedding we worked on a few years ago. She wanted the ever popular and Traditional style we love to LOVE. This classic calligraphy setup on ivory card is how I began my business, and it will never go out. We get orders for this style year-round, for any size of event, and any locale! You do not need a color scheme, a theme, or a certain type of venue to make this work. This is the invitation everyone knows is a beautiful wedding before they've even opened the inner envelope.
Now, to Skylar's awesome photos! This first may be my favorite of the bunch. I am ga-ga for the deep blue saturated tones and the juxtaposition of styles; a Gorgeous Bride in a lacy gown, casual pose and boots. Perfection.

Skylar employs the same idea with the "Fame Parties" I was talking about at Weddings too, letting guests capture photo-booth style moments, with better picture quality!


What a cool boutenier! A peacock cool.

The girls....Mother of the Bride and Lexie, sister of the Bride, and a fabulous client! I can't wait for her little one to get here so we can have even more fun celebrating her life's event on paper!

Also a few from her Bridals....

Does this not look like she stuck a gorgeous bride in a Lilly Pulitzer fabric? So awesome.

And then of course this one melted my heart as a Dog lover...or at least a Kashmir lover!!! I wish I could go back in time and have had her at our Wedding, but she wasn't even born yet. Silly, I know...I just am totally jealous of this picture! Skylar, if you're reading....Come to Galveston and take one of me and Kashy! haha.

Thanks for reading! Hope you are enjoying glimpses into the events we get to work on...I have loved getting the pictures. That's the hardest part of being in the "events business" and not being at the events...I never get to see the finished products! Leave us a comment....We SQUEALED this morning to see Aspen Bay had commented on yesterday's post!!! Love it.

So....without further adieu....VISIT Skylar Reeves' WEBSITE .... You will NOT be dissappointed.

Love, Hayley

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