Friday, October 5, 2012

October Item of the Day: Luggage Tags!

Planning on a holiday vacation?  Tag your bag with HH Design House!  Our October Item of the Day is our every popular luggage tags! You definitely be able to identify your bag at the airport with a stylish luggage tag.  These tags are also great for kid's school back packs, lunch boxes, diaper bags, and more!  Today (October 4 at 3 pm CST) through tomorrow (October 5, 3 pm CST) we are giving you our luggage tags at a special fall price!  With coupon code "saleoftheday" you can receive $5 off of your set of 3 luggage tags, normally priced at $25 for 3!!! Don't forget to enter your code!  Shop online, call us 409.974.4122, email us at, or come by our store, Happenings in Downtown Historic Galveston, Texas!  We'd love to assist you with your order!

Tag these baby bags are great shower gifts for mommy and baby!

A fancy bag tag for a fancy lady!

Get a bag tag for someone sweet!

Bag tags with fun patterns!

People even get bag tags for their furry friends!

Headed to the beach?  You'll need this seashell bag tag!

What girl doesn't love these fabulous shoe luggage tags?

Athletic bags need team tags!

Boys can have luggage tags too!

Super popular zig-zag tags and zebra print are a huge hit with our customers!

Don't forget about our sale and be on the lookout at 3 PM CST for our next item of the day!

**Must enter "saleoftheday" at checkout to receive discount.
**Must order between 3 pm CST October 4 - 3 pm CST October 5 to receive discount.


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