Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Wednesday: My Best Friend's Baby

It is a Happy Wednesday indeed!  After a long 9+ months, Malley Grace is finally here!  Hayley's best friend, Meghan and Meghan's husband, Ken, are so happy to welcome their happy, healthy baby girl into the world.  To celebrate this joyous day, we decided to not wright a Wedding Wednesday blog this week.  Instead, we are writing about Malley Grace's baby shower!

Val, Peggy, Hilary, and Kathryn were to happy to help Hayley host Meghan's baby shower. Peggy decorated her Houston condo in green, yellow, orange, pink, and blue for the occasion. With the help of HH Design House, this baby shower was unlike any other!

The invitations created in the style and colors of Malley Grace's nursery.  Meghan loves bright and fun colors.  We wanted to match her style perfectly! 

The decorations were so fun!  Hayley and Co. wrapped packages in cute paper and placed yummy candied popcorn around the living room for guests to much on.

Hayley created a pennant banner with fabric, canvas, and glitter letters that spelled out M-A-L-L-E-Y.  The banner hung above the fireplace.  Peggy tied baby bottle washers to the deer's antlers.  He didn't seem to mind!

Hayley created hand written menu cards for all of the delicious food at the shower. Each card was named after a person or place that will be significant in Malley Grace's life.

Maggie is Malley's grandma.

Ken is Malley's Dad

Ken and Meghan have a home on Tiki Island, Texas where Malley will spend many summer days playing, fishing, and swimming!

Meghan and Ken live in Bellaire.

HH Design House made water bottle labels that matched Malley's invitations.  

Guests drank mimosas out of green paper straws purchased at The Kitchen Chick in Galveston.  Meghan sipped on a special "Mom-osa". :)

Durning the shower, guests could fill out "Mal-Libs" introducing themselves to baby Malley Grace.  Guests also signed a special guest book purchased at HH Design House.

Our favorite little girl was in attendance, Hayden Grace Hardcastle.  She was so happy to be there!  She cannot wait to meet her new friend Malley Grace!!!

HH Design House is so exited for Meghan and Ken!  Congratulations!!! 


  1. Love it all! Hayden's dress is beautiful, as is she and her mommy! Great party ladies!