Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Hump Day: Fall Kick Off

Happy Hump Day!

As of Tuesday, September 22nd we have officially welcomed Fall! Although it is a little cooler here on the Gulf Coast (and for that we are grateful), we still wouldn't mind a bit more of a brisk breeze!

Aside from being the month that ushers in fall, September also brings us FOOTBALL SEASON! Football season means different things to different people it seems...for HH's husband and my husband it means their weekends for the next several months are booked! While I am not a huge fan of watching any sport on tv (I can pay attention when it's the Aggies, but even that's stretching it) I do not mind at all having the time to catch up on my reading.

I am a big reader, my husband is not. When we first got married I had high hopes for football season. Visions of long days spent engrossed in a book while my usually reading intolerant husband watched game after game after game danced in my head. However, I soon found that he likes me to interact with him during the game! As in, "whoa, check out that play"..."No thanks, I have no idea whats going on or what a play consists of"..."just look"! This is seriously a conversation that plays over and over at our house on game days. So while I don't get uninterrupted reading time, I do get some nice quality time in with whatever I'm currently reading.

Another good thing about football season is the opportunity for game day (or evening) parties!

Scroll down for different football related invitations! We have a little something for every occasion!!

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