Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy Hump Day: What a Difference a Year Makes

So sorry to any loyal blog fans who just can't wait to read the hump day post...if you have been faithfully checking in all day, we apologize for the posting delay. :) hahaha!

Actually, being late is kind of the theme of this blog post as it is about the anniversary of last year's Hurricane Ike, which was this past Sunday. However, since we didn't think to blog Sunday, here you go...

We are of course not celebrating Ike, but celebrating and remembering to be thankful for how far we have come in a year. This time last year HH and I were not even able to get back to our neighborhood to see the damages to our homes. This year we sit working in the newly remodeled HH Design House Studio and are both so grateful for the roof over our heads.

Oh the stories we've heard and things we've seen, even personally experienced...but when we stop to look around we see so much beauty and growth. The resilience is amazing...inspiring. Throughout this year we watched businesses in Galveston re-open one by one...we eagerly anticipated patroning our favorite restaurants and shops. Excitedly watched new ones open up...not daunted to be launching a business in a recently hurricane ravaged location. We watched as our neighborhoods came back to life and all the "pieces put back together again".

So today, even if Ike did not affect you personally at all...take a minute to pause and reflect.

Remember to be thankful!!

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