Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wedding of the Week: Double-Meant to be Together

No, you don't need to get your eyes checked, but you are seeing double-- a double wedding that is! As the end of June approaches, we were reminded of a wedding that we did four years ago that was twice the fun! Nicholas and Erich and Gaylen and Ginna are two sets of identical twins that fell in love with eachother and had the ultimate double wedding in 2007. I guess when you have shared your whole lives together, your Big Day wouldn't be any different!

Here we have the happy couples. Gaylen wanted a yellow wedding and Ginna wanted a hot pink wedding. The compromised by having two ceremonies in their respective shades.

Double-Meant to be Together! Gaylen and Ginna's father called Hayley immediately after dreaming up this creative "Double-Meant to be Together" idea for save-the-dates. It was such a different idea we were immediately up to the task!

The ultimate Wedding folder invitation. The outer envelopes we 9x12" large to enclose it all. The invitations for the wedding were done in yellow and hot pink.

Each guest received not one, but two invitations in the folder, and then a shared map and response card!

Gaylen's invitations, programs, and napkins were yellow.

And Ginna's set were hot pink!

The floral arrangement at the welcome table combined beautiful hot pink and yellow flowers, along with their Bridal Portrait that literally looked like a mirror-image.

Each bride participated in the other's wedding. They even had all of the same bridesmaids and groomsmen!

The two wedding ceremonies were separated with a cocktail hour so the wedding party could change colors, and flower arrnagements were swapped out on the aisle and altar as well.

Here are the bridesmaids for Ginna's wedding in their hot pink!

The reception at was divided down the middle with yellow on one side...

...and hot pink on the other side, of course!

The double "S" monogrammed cups and napkins added a nice touch.

Even two cakes were cut at the wedding.

I'm sure they were double delicious!

The beautiful Brides at the Sweetheart table, set for four!

Perhaps because it was truly "Double the Fun", this was one of our favorite weddings at HH Design House, and we're glad we got to share it all these years later! Happy anniversary, Ginna & Erich and Gaylen & Nicholas! Don't forget to post your comments on our blog, check out our website, and "like" us on facebook! We hope your week is doubly wonderful!

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