Friday, October 22, 2010

Jason Update 8

Thought you all might enjoy seeing our smiling faces last Thanksgiving. I know I think blogs with pictures are always more interesting!!! :)

I am very sorry I did not get to update yesterday; I know many of you texted me with bated breath making sure everything was fine. Fine we are.....exhausted, too.

Wednesday night and Thursday morning/early afternoon were very tiring and tedious. Jason could NOT get comfortable and was in so much pain, plus pretty incoherent with the meds. He would be out-like-a-light and then suddenly wake up with some complaint, sometimes even phantom complaints wanting to know what was running down his back {nothing!} or something along those lines. We hardly slept a wink and I was up-and-down constantly. Needless to say, I didn't make it home yesterday, but Lynsey came and brought me clothes and toiletry items, and it looks like we'll be going home soon!

So, to fill you in on how we got there, here's some re-caps I can think of!

He has much more mobility today and we have already walked him around, done stair exercises, got his drain out, got his push release medicine out, taken him off the oxygen, brushed his teeth, and we just got our shower chair delivered so he can bathe soon! Eating his breakfast a little bit ago, he told me he was pretty certain this was the most productive two hours we had experienced here.

The Neuro doctor spent a good deal of time with us this morning explaining the drill and where to go from here. He will have a followup in roughly two weeks to remove his staples and check everyting, and then they will probably only see him one time after that.

As for Jason's hand, the orthopedic Doctors said they'd like a follow-up next week, but we got permission to see an Ortho back in Galveston if we'd like, so BP if you're reading, expect a call! The only doc who has seen his wrist is the ER doc who set it, so we are unsure of the treatment course needed, if any, for this.

Jason's dad has headed back to Arkansas and is returning over the weekend with Jason's mom in tow, so hopefully next week we can really care for him downstairs and get over his stiffness and pain some, and the maybe by the following week move back up into our 'real' house.

His strength and balance are pretty off still, but it is still such a joy to watch him up and walking around! We think he looks like Kosmo Kramer walking around with the crazy hair and tall & skinny frame next to these itty bitty nurses and PTs. Seriously, we are giants here....his feet hang off his bed and his gown is a bit of a miniskirt. ha! I seriously hope my brother-in-law never has to endure this! He is 6"9 and seriously would be miserable! :(

I have been so encouraged in the last 18 hours....I really feel like things are getting better every hour. The Neuro Doc did warn us that some days may be awesome to the point where you feel like you've "crossed the bridge" and then the next will be awful, so there is just a natural ebb and flow associated with any recovery.

On another note....How did I not know about "The Chocolate Bar???!!!" Apparently this slice of Heaven that resides here in Houston has been mysterously off my radar. I mean, I am baffled! Yesterday I was brought two different kinds of icecreams from there, and then also an 8" high piece of chocolate cake covered in bricklebits, and I am HOOKED!!! Seeing as both sets of friends that brought me these delicacies have known me for about 15 years, I am just horrified they've kept this from me. After dessert, late night, and BREAKFAST this morning, I still have about two layers of the cake left, and it's off limits! I seriously have not even offered it to my patient.

Soooo, anyhoo....We have a few more things to check off our list, but it looks like we will be released either late tonight, or possibly tomorrow morning. This is amazing to me as yesterday morning I thought I should start forwarding my mail here. Once you round a corner, things seem to snowball and really improve. Many people have asked me about our 'plan' once we're home, and the main plan is to get Jason better! They told me the worst thing he can do is stay in bed all day, so anyone who would like to come over and visit, watch a game, share a meal, or just hang out...PLEASE know you are welcome to! I don't really want to put my phone number on here, but am pretty good at checking texts and okay on emails if you want to check... hayley{at} (Use the real "@" sign, but for some reason I think you're not just supposed to write your address for phishing!) Jason will most likely be unable to head into work for a few weeks, but I will have to start asap, so lunchtime or daytime visitors would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you all so very much for your kindness, love, prayers and support! We have felt so lifted up and are eternally grateful.

Love, hayley


  1. I am so thankful that Jason is getting to come home soon! We've been wanting to come see y'all in the hospital but it's been nearly impossible so far with Alan's work schedule. So glad that you have had lots of people coming by and bringing you chocolate though!! Hmmm...I may have to go try that place myself. :) Keeping you both in our prayers...

  2. I just heard about Jason yesterday and my mom forwarded me your blog address today. I have been praying, praying, praying...praise God he is alive and doing as well as he is...I will continue to pray though cause it sounds like there is a long road to recovery yet ahead. Your faith through this is a testimony...loved what you wrote about your theme hymn and the meaning of your last name...God is the Strong Tower and your refuge! Love you guys!