Sunday, October 24, 2010

Jason Update 9

Alas...We are settled in at home! Sorry it has taken me a while to update...we have been very busy trying to settle in, catch up, and get a routine somewhat figured out.

Thank you all so much for the encouragement, support, and outpouring of love.

Jason is doing well today but is still in a lot of pain, and increasingly stiff. He can barely even move his left shoulder now, so we are anxious to see an Ortho doctor this week!

I got to give Jason a REAL shower today and changed his dressings, so I got to see for the first time the incision and staples in his neck! It is so crazy to see -- it is all of five inches and 20 staples. And literally, they look like classic Swingline Staples from my desk.

Jason's mom and dad arrived this evening and his mother is going to stay for the week and help us out. I am so excited to have an extra set of hands! Jason has been very sweet today, but there is just so much he cannot do for himself; it's pretty, I need to get back to work and make sure we can catch-up on and complete a bunch of projects on the horizon.

Thanks to all...We truly are so grateful for every call, hug, text and prayer sent our way.

xoxo hh


  1. Dearest Hayley and Jason,
    You both have been in our prayers ever since we heard of Jason's accident and we have been following your blogs with great sympathy. May God's healing hand continue to work powerfully in Jason's body and may God's Spirit continue to strengthen and encourage the both of you. We love you both very much and look forward to seeing you at Christmas time. Thanks for keeping us up-to-date.
    Much love and affection, Uncle Andy and family [Birmingham, England]

  2. Hey Jason!

    I hope you are soon back on your feet properly! As soon as the doctors give you the ok get to the physio and start getting to work on that neck and shoulder.

    Take care both of you!


  3. Hayley, Soooo glad to hear you all are HOME!! I know how wonderful that feels...We continue to pray for Jason and you.....Scott sends his thoughts and prayers too....give Jason a big hug from us....I will write to you later and watch for good updates....Love you and blessings Dani and Scott.....